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          合成料系我廠研制產品,120℃高溫不變形,-10℃低溫不脆,耐磨、耐老化、高強度,保老化期八年 。


          Henan Guangsheng Plastic Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiaozuo Plastic Textile Equipment Factory), was founded in 1970, was selected in 2015, as the People's Republic of China Textile Industry "plastic yarn pipe" "Ring blooming spinning yarn machine yarn pipe box" standard drafting enterprises, textile equipment Production Sentinel factory, product popularization throughout the country, at the same time has entered the international market, Patented products won the first British International Invention Expo-"Golden Crown Award." In the joint efforts of all staff, in 2002 our company passed the ISO09001:2000 International quality System certification.

          The main production includes roving pipe, spinning pipe (high-speed book wall tube), weft pipe, pagoda tube, special-shaped pipe, synthetic materials, turnover box, winding box, pendulum box, roller disk, tray, ring spinning yarn machine with yarn tube box.

          Synthetic material Department of our factory development products has the characteristics of 120 ℃ high temperature non-deformation, -10℃ low temperature is not brittle, wear-resistant, aging resistance, high strength, to protect the aging period of eight years, the Department of "patented products."

          Our company adhere to the "qualitative innovation, quality to win the trust" quality policy. to serve the textile enterprises with highl quality. Willing to work with new and old friends at home and abroad sincerely to create a better tomorrow.


        Product commitment








          材料:合成料(用多種材料合成) (保密配方)





          內部質量管理口號:誰砸我的牌 我砸誰的鍋

          Internal Quality management slogan: Who hit my card I hit whose pot

          First, spinning pipe, high-speed thin-walled tube: materials: poly carbon (plus anti-aging agent, Defoamer, toughening agent, anti-crack agent) Warranty  period: (10 years to find the broken pipe unconditional exchange)

          Two, roving tube: material: ABS material (plus anti-aging agent, Defoamer, toughening agent, booster, anti-crack agent) Warranty period: (10 years internal  break pipe unconditional Exchange )

          Third, the turnover box, the Pipe box, drop box, roller plate, special-shaped pipe tray: material: synthetic material (synthetic with a variety of materials) patented products (confidential formula) Warranty period: (Eight years aging unconditional exchange)

          Fourth, ring spinning yarn machine, pipe machine with yarn tube box (fan-shaped yarn tube box) (tube length 190, 205, 230, 260) A total of seven specifications: synthetic materials (synthesis of a variety of materials) Warranty period: (Eight years aging unconditional exchange)


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